The Georgia Marble & Granite Company

The Blue Ridge Marble & Granite Company is located in Nelson, Georgia at the former Georgia Marble Company plant.

The 200,000 sf. facility is furnished with modern stone fabrication equipment and conveniently located for rail or truck distribution.

The Georgia marble quarry, the largest deposit of the highest and best grade of marble in the United States, is located less than a mile from The Blue Ridge Marble & Granite Company plant. Our proximity to the quarry combined with experience and skilled craftsmanship make us the logical choice for all your stone fabrication needs.

Traditional Craftsmanship Combined With A Modern State-of-the-Art Facility

All of our senior craftsmen have worked most of their lives in the historic marble industry in Georgia. Many of these men have followed in their father's and grandfather's footsteps. Character, skill and knowledge have been developed over time and now contribute to the revival of the region and its backbone of stone.

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Marble Slabs

Our Facility Has a Huge Inventory of Marble & Granite.

Hand Carved Rose

Our most experienced carver can, with his hands and simple tools, create a detailed vibrant rose from pink Georgia Marble, which can be included on a monument, mausoleum, or other application.